Keeping Up with the CSians!

I began my journey of programming in the third year of Engineering when I finally realized that ECE isn’t my cup of tea. A year ago, I was scared of linked lists, didn’t know about trees, stacks or queues and the word ‘ALGORITHMS’ sounded like watching The Conjuring alone at midnight! It was all so intimidating at the beginning, but things started getting better with the regular tutoring and guidance of my best friend, who happens to be a Computer Science geek! (Yepp, lucky me!)

I used to watch mycodeschool videos to get a hold on basics and then practiced questions from Leetcode. I am still not a coding ninja yet but now I know about the basic data structures and rate myself as an average coder. Still a long way to go!

To brush up my skills and enhance them further, I will be writing regularly about my daily target. I will also be covering important CS concepts like OS, DBMS, Object Oriented Design, and Networks.

Looking forward to keeping up with this practice. Let the sails to this ship begin!

P.S. For everyone inquisitive about my best friend (even if not), check him out at

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